Getting Started
Financial Aid

It’s no secret that pursuing a law degree is a costly investment. At Dickinson Law, not only are we producing profession-ready lawyers, but we’re also rescaling the cost of legal education to make law school accessible to you. In fact, a record number of students in our fall ’18 entering class received substantial merit awards—including full-tuition scholarships. Because we recognize that financial aid is critical for our students, we have once again committed an unprecedented amount of scholarship dollars for our fall '19 incoming class.

Understanding all available funding options is key to making an informed decision about financing your legal education. A variety of financial aid sources are available to help make a Dickinson Law education well within your reach, including our $60K Commonwealth Scholars Tuition Grant, merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, outside scholarships, and student loans.

Our team works with students on an individual basis to identify resources and obtain the necessary funds to finance their legal education. We’re here to help you:

  • apply for need-based grants.
  • identify available outside scholarships and resources.
  • understand your student loan options.
  • calculate an expected loan repayment amount upon graduation.
  • create and stick to a personal monthly budget.
  • reduce loan debt for living expenses.
  • understand the importance of good credit.

Our team is committed to making the financial aid process transparent and seamless. We encourage you to use us as a resource during your planning. To consult with a financial aid advisor, contact Rebecca Schreiber at 717-240-5297 or